Is Snowden a Hero? / SnowdenHK: 香港聲援斯諾登遊行 Hong Kong Rally to Support Snowden / SML.20130615.7D.42298

Whether Edward Snowden is a “hero” is up for debate, but what the NSA PRISM whistleblower did achieve is providing evidence which many have suspected—that the US government is mining valuable data on the Internet.

Big data analysis is nothing new—companies who provide free internet services have been doing this for years. Why did you think that Twitter has no advertising but manage to get so much venture capital investments? It is because it is very easy to decipher trending opinions on the web.

Google’s company tagline has always been “Don’t be evil”—mostly because the same technology that can be used for good can be used for evil. uses big data to track consumer spending and financial status. Biomedical researchers can use big data to track virus outbreaks. United State government certainly can use big data to track anti-terrorism activities — but the real question is if they would not mine the data for other purposes also.

The other claims which Snowden made and enraged many Hong Kong citizens are evidence which points to US Government’s active hacking of local universities and businesses. Hacking for personal gain is definitely criminal. When the US pointed at China for cyber attacks, they have utilised the media on the side to paint an ugly picture of China, but pointing fingers first simply shows hypocrisy on the country’s own politics. And this fact provided ample ammunition for political activists world wide.

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+ Location: 香港中環花園道 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong
+ Workflow: Lightroom 4
+ Serial: SML.20130615.7D.42298
+ Series: SnowdenHK: 香港聲援斯諾登遊行 Hong Kong Rally to Support Snowden, 新聞攝影 Photojournalism

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Is Snowden a Hero? / SnowdenHK: 香港聲援斯諾登遊行 Hong Kong Rally to Support Snowden / SML.20130615.7D.42298
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