A Soldier is Welcomed to Kenya by a Young Child

ילד מקבל חייל בקניה

Nice to meet you! A soldier from the 4th Battalion The Rifles (4 RIFLES) is greeted by a curious young local child during an exercise in Kenya.
A Soldier is Welcomed to Kenya by a Young Child
The 4th Battalion The Rifles (4 RIFLES) is currently in Kenya undergoing intensive training to be the British Army's next Spearhead Lead Element - a rapid response force ready to tackle a world-wide crisis at 24 hours notice. This can range from a major domestic terrorist attack to the evacuation of British nationals overseas.

Around 700 personnel have left their Wiltshire base and been joined by other units including artillery and engineers for a five week intensive exercise at the British Army Training Unit Kenya, otherwise known as BATUK.

The aim is train them in the skills of infantry soldiering ranging from day and night patrolling, ambushing an opposing force and taking control of an area and reassuring the local inhabitants they are safe.

The standard equipment of rifles and machine guns are complimented with the likes of a hi-tec Quaser-style laser firing adaption and the wearing of body armour and helmets which can detect whether a soldier has been technically injured or even killed.
Photographer: Sergeant Adrian Harlen
Image 45152746.jpg from www.defenceimages.mod.uk

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